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Which drivers must have L-plates on their vehicles?
Every provisional driver, except motorcyclists, agricultural tractors and works vehicles.

Provisional drivers aren't allowed to drive on what kind of road?
Where in the car should L-plates be displayed?
Both on the front and rear of the vehicle
L-plates are:
Plates with a red L on a white background.
Provisional drivers can drive on what roads?
All roads except motorways.
If you have passed your test on a vehicle that has automatic transmission, what restriction is placed on your licence as a result?
You can't drive a vehicle with manual transmission.

When must a provisional driver display the L-plates?
All the time.

A category W provisional licence holder (work vehicle licence holder and land tractors), can carry another person when?
When the other person holds a category W licence also, and the vehicle is made in such a way that it can carry a passenger.
A category B licence holder may carry a maximum of how many passengers in their vehicle?
A category B provisional driver, doesn't have to be accompanied by a qualified driver during which term of their provisional driving licence?
During the second provisional licence.
What's the maximum design gross vehicle weight that a B licence holder may drive?
It's 3,500 kg
What's the maximum power motorcycle that you may drive if you have a category A1 licence?
11 kilowatts.
(think of "a" being letter "1" in the alphabet, so "a1" is like "11"
If a motorcyclist wants to drive a motorcycle with a power output in excess of 11 kilowatts, what kind of licence must they hold?
Category A licence.
How many years is a category A motorcyclist restricted to driving motorcycles with a max power of 25 kilowatts?
2 years.
If a motorcyclist has a category A licence for less than 2 years, what's the maximum engine power motorcycle that he can drive?
25 kilowatts.

Can the owner of an A, A1 or M licence or provisional licence, drive a tricycle or quadricycle?

As a provisional driver, you must be accompanied by a qualified driver when?
During the first, third and any subsequent provisional licences.

What is the max speed in kilometers per hour, that an M licence holder can drive at?
45 km/h

What is the max engine capacity that an M licence holder can drive?
50 cc
What is the max engine capacity that an A1 licence holder can drive?
125 cc
When can a provisional motorcycle driver carry a pillion passenger?
What provisional drivers don't have to be accompanied by a qualified driver?
Provisional drivers with provisional licences in categories: A, A1 and M


Who is within their rights to ask to see your vehicle registration document or your vehicle licencing cert, whatever one is applicable for your vehicle?
Any garda may ask to see it.
When is it necessary to display a current tax disc on a vehicle, on the public road?
It must be displayed at all times.
It must be ensured that the correct tax disc is displayed on the vehicle by whom?
The owner and the driver of the vehicle are responsible in equal measure.
If you would like to drive, but the tax disc is out of date, what should you do?
You should not drive the vehicle until the disc has been renewed.
What documents must you produce when you are renewing your motor tax?
You must produce:
1. Your current insurance Certificate,
2. An application form
3. Your vehicle registration book or the Vehicle Licensing Certificate (whatever is appropriate)
If your vehicle doesn't have its current tax disc displayed, can you use the vehicle in a public area?
If you would like to drive another vehicle that is not taxed, can you transfer the tax disc from your vehicle onto the other vehicle?


If you are driving another person's vehicle with the consent of its owner, who is responsible for making sure that the vehicle is properly insured?
Both the driver and the owner are responsible in equal measure.

If you have passed your test on an automatic vehicle, you may drive what kind of vehicles?
Automatic vehicles only.
What must be displayed on the windscreen of your vehicle at all times, to show that your vehicle is properly insured?
Your insurance disc.
If you have the engine capacity of your vehicle altered, who must you inform?
You must inform both the local motor taxation office and the insurance company.
You are required to give what information when requesting insurance from your insurance company?
You must give all the information that is requested by the insurance company.
If you are driving on the public road, what's the minimum insurance that is required?
Third-party cover.
If you want to drive a vehicle but you're not sure if you're covered by insurance, what should you do?
You should contact your insurance company and only drive the vehicle if it's confirmed that you are covered.
If you would like to drive another privately owned vehicle but are unsure whether or not you're covered to drive it, what should you do?
You should check with your own insurance company to see if you're covered to drive the vehicle.
If your insurance policy has expired, are you still covered to drive this vehicle?
No you aren't.
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