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What effect would a broken lens have on your headlights?
It could cause distortion to the beam, and reduce the light.
How regularly should you have your vehicle's lights checked up?
On a weekly basis.
What effect could incorrectly focused headlights have on other road users?
They could dazzle oncoming vehicles.
What would happen if your headlights were incorrectly aimed?
The beam of your headlights wouldn't properly illuminate the road ahead.
Why is it essential to ensure that your vehicle's headlights are properly focused?
So that you are able to see properly.


If you are going down through the gears to slow down, what effect does this have on your brake lights?
It has absolutely no effect on them.
How would you determine whether a brake light was working or not?
You would press on the brake pedal while an assistant checks whether the lights are coming on from behind.


If a side-lamp bulb failed, how would you know?
You would switch on the side-lights and check if they are lighting.
When should you drive with the side-lights on?
At twilight, when the daylight is fading from the skies.


During lighting up hours, what lighting should be on a tractor trailer?
It should have rear red tail lights, red reflectors, brake lights, indicators and a rear number plate light.
A car-trailer should have what lighting attached?
It should have rear brake lights, rear tail lights, rear red reflectors, indicators and a rear number-plate light.
At what other times should you use your vehicle's hazard warning lights?
If you have broken down, you should turn them on.
Under what circumstances should you use your hazard warning light?
If your vehicle is causing an obstruction on the roadway, that can't be avoided.
Do the hazard warning lights in your vehicle have an effect on the brake-lights?
What should you do if a red warning light appears on the dashboard while you're driving along?
You should stop when it's safe, and check out the problem further.
What should you do if a warning light starts flashing on your vehicle's dashboard?
You should stop the vehicle when a safe opportunity arises, and check into the problem.


Trailers above a certain gross weight must have brakes fitted. What is that weight?
It is 750 kg.
What are the things that might notify you to a problem with your vehicle's brakes?
The vehicle wouldn't be responding to the brakes effectively, and it would be more difficult to stop your vehicle.
If you hear a scraping noise when you press the foot-pedal what is the most probable cause?
It would indicate that the brake linings are worn down.
How would the brakes feel when you pressed them, if the brake fluid were low?
They would feel soft and slack.
If you discover that the brake pedal feels slack or soft when pressed, what might that indicate?
It could mean that your brake fluid levels are low, or in a motorcycle that the brake cable is worn.
In general, what part of the vehicle does the handbrake operate on?
It operates on the rear wheels of the vehicle.
What does A.B.S. stand for and do?
A.B.S. stands for Anti-Lock Braking System, and it helps prevent the wheels from locking (stop turning completely) if you brake suddenly. If wheels were to stop turning very suddenly you would lose grip on the road and be propelled into a skid.


When operating the indicator lights, what does a rapid clicking noise mean?
It tells you that an indicator light has blown.


What is the function of a vehicle's reflectors?
At night-time, they will reflect light to alert other road-users to your presence.


An engine's braking power is affected in what manner by an automatic transmission system?
It is reduced.
What should you bear in mind when driving a vehicle with automatic transmission?
You should remember that the engine braking power is reduced in comparison to a vehicle with manual gears.
How is it recommended to drive a vehicle with automatic transmission?
You should use the right foot to operate the accelerator and the brake.


If you notice that your engine power is less than normal, as you are driving along, what should you do?
You should have the vehicle checked by a qualified mechanic as soon as possible.


If parts of the vehicle's bodywork are affected by rust, what should you do?
You should have it seen to at a professional repair shop or garage, and have it treated if necessary.


If you are driving a diesel engine vehicle in cold weather, what should you make sure of?
You should make sure that the fuel is treated with an anti-waxing agent.


If wipers stop functioning suddenly, what is usually the problem?
It usually indicates that a fuse has blown.
What should you do if the wipers have been frozen onto the windscreen?
You should proceed to defrost the windscreen, before you turn the wipers on.
If the wiper blades aren't clearing the windscreen properly, what should you do?
You should replace the wiper blades as soon as you can.
If you are travelling along in the rain, and notice that your wiper blades are worn down, what should you do?
You should drive carefully and slowly to the nearest garage, and have the wiper blades replaced.


If your vehicle's battery is low in charge, what effect would this have on the vehicle's driving performance?


What is the function of a laminated windscreen?
It is designed so that it won't shatter into large fragments if struck by an object.


If the shock absorber was worn, what effect would this have on the performance of the vehicle?
The vehicle would bounce considerably more than normal.


Must a tractor or work vehicle be fitted with external mirrors?
Yes, always.
If there is wet weather, what would the effect on your external mirrors be?
The view in your mirrors could be less clear than in dry conditions.
What should you be able to see in the wing mirrors?
You should be able to see the areas to the side and rear of the vehicle, as well as the side of the vehicle itself.
When you are travelling along, what should your mirrors reflect?
They should reflect the area to the rear and either side of the vehicle.


If you discover that there is blue smoke coming out of your exhaust, what does this suggest?
It usually means that the engine is burning oil.
What does a catalytic converter do?
It leads to the filtering of exhaust fumes and hence reduces pollution.
If your exhaust was worn, how would you know?
It would sound louder, and the fumes wouldn't be properly filtered.
A faulty exhaust would have what effect?
It would be louder than normal, and cause worse pollution.


When you are changing a vehicle's tyre, how would you make sure that the vehicle is in a secure position?
Make sure that the vehicle can't roll, when it is jacked up.
What effect does coasting have on your vehicle's tyres?
What effects would under-inflated tyres have on your vehicle's handling?
They would have a detrimental effect on the vehicle's braking and steering.
What would you do to check the condition of your tyres?
You would make a visual inspection and check the tyre pressure.
Should you put extra air pressure into tyres, if going on a long journey?
Before you go on a long journey, what should you have checked about your tyres?
Check that they have their normal air pressure.
When are you permitted to attach cross-ply or radial tyres to your vehicle?
Do under-inflated tyres have an effect on the engine's transmission?
What would a worn tread along the edge of the tyre suggest?
It could indicate that your steering alignment is faulty.
If your vehicle has low tyre pressure, what effect would this have on the vehicle's performance?
It would affect the braking and cornering of the vehicle.
What effect would driving against or onto a kerb have on your vehicle?
It could cause your steering alignment to go out of line.
What's the lowest legal tread depth for tractor tyres?
1.6 millimetres
What's the lowest legal tread depth for motorcycle tyres?
1 millimetre
If you discover that one of the front tyres is worn, what should you do?
You should have it replaced as soon as possible.
What is the lowest legal tread depth for car tyres?
1.6 millimetres (mm)
How often should you check your tyre pressure?
Every week.


What effect would a badly adjusted driver's seat have on the driver?
It could lead to a delay in the driver operating some of the car's controls.


If you rest your foot on the clutch pedal, what effect does this have on the clutch?
It wears out the clutch more quickly.


If there is a continual vibration in the steering wheel while you are travelling along, what would this indicate?
It would suggest that the wheel balance is uneven.
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