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Prepare for the Driver Theory Test in Ireland.

This site is an independent resource, and is not affiliated with the test authority or department of transport.

It is an overview of common signage and concepts, and is not the official theory book.

1stDriverTheoryTest.com provides Drivers of Cars, Motorcycles and Work vehicles (categories A, A1, B & W) 24/7 access to driving information. Now it's easier than ever to become prepared for the Driver Theory Test!

You may browse through all the Driver Theory, using the links on the left.

Bus and lorry drivers (categories C and D) face some additional theory questions, as well as the standard driver theory questions. These additional sections for bus and lorry drivers are not covered on 1stDriverTheoryTest.com - however most of the Theory Test for truck and bus drivers is identical to the theory test for cars and motorcycles.

The Driver Theory Test was introduced into Ireland, to ensure that Irish drivers properly understood road signs and practiced consistent and safe driving techniques on Irish roads.

The Driver Theory Test in Ireland can be booked on the phone using a credit card, and there are many driver theory test centres around Ireland, where you can sit the driving theory test. Check out the links on the top of the page, for specific info on each section of the driver theory test, and for information on the Irish provisional driving licence.

There is also information on vehicle registration tax, motor tax in ireland, and motor insurance in Ireland.

1stDriverTheoryTest.com is an independent online resource, designed to help those taking the Irish Driver Theory Test. However it is in no way affiliated with the Irish government, the theory test centres or the company that co-ordinates the tests. We hope that it is of use to those taking their tests, and getting ready to apply for the Irish provisional driving licence.

We are continually reviewing the site, and try to maintain accurate and up-to-date information, but users are advised that they are to make use of this resource at their sole discretion. Please refer to the terms and conditions, for more details, on the conditions of use.

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