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What colour traffic light appears after the green?
The amber light.
Even if the lights are green, you shouldn't proceed if:
Your vehicle would block up the junction, if you continue.
A flashing amber traffic light is followed by what colour traffic light?
A steady (non-flashing) amber light is followed by what traffic light?
Flashing amber lights positioned at a Pelican crossing mean that:
You must stop and give way to pedestrians, and only proceed if the route is clear.
The general speed limit is:
60 mph
[note: since the introduction of metric speed limits in January 2005, the general speed limit has been replaced with a limit of 50 mph (80 km/h) on regional roads (white signs), and a limit of 60 mph (100 km/h) on national roads (green signs)]
The maximum speed for cars driving on motorways is:
[since metric change: 120 km/h (or 75mph)]

The maximum speed permitted for motorcycles on motorways is:
[since metric change: 120 km/h (or 75mph)]

The maximum speed allowed for a car towing a caravan is:
50 mph [80 km/h]
The max speed for a car towing a trailer is also:
50 mph [80 km/h]
The maximum Blood-alcohol level permitted when driving is:
80mg per 100 ml
If you are stopped at a Garda checkpoint, and asked to blow into a breathalyser, you should:
Blow into the breathalyser!
The permitted times when you can turn on your headlights ("lighting up hours"):
Are a half-hour after sunset, to half-an-hour before the sun has risen.
At dusk, your vehicle should have the following lights on:
Side lamps or dipped headlights.
On a public road, when is it permitted to tow a trailer without its rear number plate?
It is not permitted to park:
On or near a bend in the road
If you are approaching a zebra crossing, you are not permitted to park within:
15 metres of the crossing.
(memory aid: imagine a GAA team - 15 players - on the zebra crossing)
It is not permitted to park a vehicle within what distance of a junction:
5 metres.
If you want to park, and the only space is at a bus stop, what will you do:
Don't park at the bus stop, you must never park at a bus stop!
When is it permitted to park at the entrance to a property?
Never - unless you have the consent of the property owner.
When can you park your vehicle on a footpath?
When can you double-park your vehicle?
When can you park your vehicle at a taxi rank?
When are you permitted to park your vehicle at a sharp bend in the road?
When can you park your vehicle on the brow (top) of a hill?
When can you overtake a vehicle, on the left-hand side?
In slow-moving lanes of traffic or when the vehicle ahead of you is indicating to make a right turn.
What are "Rumble Strips" for?
They warn drivers to reduce their speed, if necessary.
If you exceed the speed limit, what spot fine could you receive:
A £50 spot fine


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